The smartest solution for handling problems with oil mist at the lowest operating cost.

3nine oil mist eliminators require minimal maintenance, give you the ability to reuse oils/coolants in the process and are the most environmentally friendly solution on the market. We know we can reduce your operational and maintenance costs.

Blue line oil mist eliminators

The BLUE LINE is our classic series of oil mist separator. They produce airflows from 300 to 1,500 CFM and handle machine tool cabins up to 710CF with 1 unit. The disc stack separation technology enables a high degree of purification in a compact format and they are also associated with a minimum…

Green line oil mist eliminators

The GREEN LINE is the new series of oil mist eliminators from 3nine. They can handle all types of applications that use cutting fluid or straight oil in the machining process, even tough applications such as grinding and machining of cast iron. If you choose a GREEN LINE oil mist eliminator, you…

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