We want to be the partner of our client and to support it with solutions for the consumables needed in the production hall:
Protective equipment
Washable pastes and protective creams
Filters for different equipments
Hand tools
Cleaners and cleaning chemicals

Filter rolls for fluids

Ours filter fleeces (filter fleece material) are used to separate solid particles from fluids, especially in metal cutting operations e.g. grinding, milling, turning, drilling and honing. The great significance of the emulsion for lubricating and cooling in cutting operations demands an optimum…

Air filters

Ours coarse dust filter mats are made of break-resistant, synthetic polyester fibers. Ours coarse dust filter mats are produced without chemical bonding and are therefore easily disposable (as long as no environmentally harmful particles are deposited). Application areas For pre filtration…

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Adina Ungureanu Sales Manager T: +40 722 969 270 E: a.ungureanu@gssgroup.ro
Mihai Nazîru Product Manager T: +40 728 534 874 E: m.naziru@gssgroup.ro