2008 – Establish of Gemarom Invest SRLcompany, specialised in industrial consultancy

2009 – Establish of GSS Industrial Expert SRL company, specialised in import and distribution of OEST lubricants – Made in Germany

2010 – Establish of GSS Group by taking over the business of Dens SRL company, with experience since 1993 in distribution of filters for industry

2011 – We enter the filtration industry and services market with our partner MKR Metzger Germany

2012 – Expanding the business in metallurgical sector together with our partners Promet Czech Republic and Tribo Chemie Germany

2013 – We expand the industrial filtration portfolio with our partner Belki Denmark

2014 – Expanding our or activity in the oil/vapor mist filtration with our partner 3Nine Swiden

2015 – Extending of our business segment in recycling industry with our company GSS Expert Recycling in the area of recyclable and dangerous industrial waste.

2016 – We entered the market of de-burring and surface finishing industry with the help of our partner OTEC Präzisionsfinish Germany

2017 – Extension of the business in the high quality metal cutting tools with Walter Germany

2018 – Renaming of Gemarom Invest as GSS Equipmnet under the GSS brand.

2018 – Consolidation of our top 10 partners, worldwide leaders in their work field, 200 active customers and a turnover of around 5 mil.lei