Forging lubricants for steel

Please find our range of standard products below:

Graphitex® 108
Universal forging lubricants for hot and warm forging.

Graphitex® CR 720 K
Perfectly stable and concentrated graphite dispersion for an improved flow of steel.

Graphitex® 870
Concentrated graphite forging lubricant.

Graphitex® CR 28
Very fine and highly concentrated graphite dispersion: forming of thin, smooth and even lubricating film.

Graphitex® CR 289
Aqueous forging lubricant for hot- and warm die forging and extrusion.

Graphitex® 930
Universal and concentrated graphite lubricant for a wide range of application for hot and semi-hot forging.

Graphitex® WF 19
Synthetic steel forging lubricant (graphite-free).

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